American Slave

American Slave is easier to spell

Than it is to dispel

The numerous lies and myths

Associated through this


Branding-word pronounced slave

To many took to their graves

Is but a shallow description

Hidden social encryption


To really look at the word slave

What we used to call free-trade

Requires you to be brave

In this day and age

Slowly sound each letter S – L – A – V – E

Break it down and what do you see


S strong, sensual, sagacious, soulful, sexy, super, stellar

L loving, lucky, lively, luscious, lover

A African, American, agile, accepting, advisor

V virtuous, vivacious, voluptuous, victor

E extreme, exotic, engaging, ebony, essence, elector


Wear your heritage proudly

Our ancestors most undoubtedly


Are proud how far we’ve come

Everything we’ve accomplished and done

Could these slaves have known

Their power and influence has grown


The impact of the African American dollar

The voice once muzzled with a collar

Through over represented in the Department of Corrections

Your voice now influences presidential elections


And think this is not the end

But the beginning once again

How much further can our people go

As our young minds continue to grow


Don’t forget who we are

Descended from Kings, Rulers, and Czars

Love thyself of ancient royalty

Centuries born of dedicated loyalty


Author’s Note: Poem inspired from the many intellectual conversations and life experiences with one of my strongest beloved motherly influences: the now deceased VI Fair. I owe her gratitude and thanks for sharing her humanity, compassion and enlightment to my once broken soul.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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S. Yvette

Love this!!

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