America the Purer


United States
48° 30' 4.464" N, 116° 26' 54.978" W

America the great
yet we don't love
we only hate

we joke about other peoples races, religions, and sexuality
yet we underestimate the power of our vocabulary

jokes about little boys at church who were molested
and we just laugh along with our friends and don't protest them?

nigger, faggot, bitch are words used commonly
lashing out at others so we can fit in with our society

you see Martin Luther King spoke about a dream
where every living being consisted of an equal meaning

now years later his dream is disappearing
and we have to stop blaming politicians procrastinating

because our government is built on a powerful ideal
that the people have the power to make change become real

so we must decide to look into the mirror
and change who we are to make humanity purer.


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