America the Many

America the Brave risked everything for the future.

America the Strong fought endlessly for our rights.

America the Proud flew the flag for all people to see.

America the Free doesn’t let danger leave our sight.


America the Young is still ambitious.

America the Wise still knows what they want.

America the Up-and-Coming has new ideas

And America the Old’s ideas are still affront.


America the Red says none shall enter

America the Blue says all can come.

America the Left says bans are the right way,

And America the Right says bans were left back home.


America the She demands equal treatments,

America the He wants everything His way.

America the Motherly wants to make Her own decisions.

America the Dad says “no abortions while I’m away.”


America the Colorful asks for marriage,

America the Grey says “boo hoo”

America the LGBT asks for protection,

But America the Straight acts like they don’t know what to do.


In America we’re “all created equal,”

But what that means is We all have to pay.

Some of us pay money for bills,

And Some pay with their lives so their family can get away.


There’s so many different people

In our USA melting pot,

But some are rewarded by or police,

And others are just straight up shot.


When America the Black says “I can’t breathe,”

We shouldn’t turn away,

America the White should step in, take action,

Help them up and say “Sir, it’s going to be okay.”


Our fellow American’s are dying

And we’re acting like we don’t know what to do,

But all they want from us is support,

Not someone who pretends to struggle looking at them saying “Hey, me too.”


We call ourselves America the Great,

But all we do is stare.

Because when one of us needs help,

Our 'religious morals' disappear and we pretend we aren’t even there.


There are lots we need to change

And lots we need to begin to do,

Because if we ever want to be great,

The change needs to start with me and it needs to start with you.


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