America The Great, Since When?

This is my home, yes, people often jest.

Poking fun at our best,

We are ever changing, not always for better

That fact there is why I chose to write a letter.

To our new president or "leader" if you will

Asking what he will acomplish,

or some power he will relinquish.

I love America, but I don't wish to reside.

I'd rather be somewhere on the Yellow Seaside.

Sounds a bit odd, it is my dream

To live somewhere, anywhere, not on Trump's team.


Stay with this, we call ourselves a "melting pot"

The only melting is of cheese,

Racism is a widespread disease.

Constantly causing peoples' miseries

Growing all along, now we have riots

And very unhealthy diets.


Now to the real issue

We can't even spare a tissue,

Wanting to build a wall

Higher than them all

Block others out?

Or keeping us in?

Citizen's tolerance is wearing thin


Nothing we can do?

Hearing that makes me blue

Some stand with the Sioux

Others are on the construction crew

People of Flint are thirsty

Their water, so dirty

When it should be cleaned firstly


Religion is just crazy

Lines of scripture so hazy

American people acting so lazy


Do something

We need to stop

Get out the Great American mop

Fix this with a mic drop

Not protesting a cop!

Maybe we should just close up shop


This opinion may differ

Leaving many bitter

Shouldn't need a baby sitter

Just cleanup all this vocal litter


Start over

Turn a new leaf? How about a four leaf clover!

We'll need some luck in this crossover,

Welcome in people who flyover

Before it is American Game Over.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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