Amending Her Box

a cube of wood

hinged at the top

holding the morals

our society forgot


she held it close

and didn’t let go

marveled and wondered

its contents unknown


the world around her

it went to hell

children lay comfortably

in coffins and cells


parents sit rotting

in old county jails

brothers battle brothers

for bounty and bail


then one day

she looked at it close

thought of opening it

the cons and the pros


with one swift move

latched no more

the box flew open

and on came the storm


not with lighting

or thunders from above

but virtue and righteousness

carried by a pure white dove


within an instant

the air became clean

filth was rinsed

and non believers believed


the ways of the immoral

met their demise

and churches echoed deeply

with holy cries


This poem is about: 
Our world


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