When the loan elks call 
Echoed off the mountains
The air hung with power.
We were a little ceremony,
A little show of 
A not so little love
In a great big world.
And I loved her
When she held back her tears.
And I loved her
When she danced with me
In her lace dress 
And sweeping smile.
And I loved her
When she tried kifli’s
And my family got a little bigger.
And I loved her
When she loved me. 
From the beginning
She loved me.
She was curt
And cunning
And kind
And patient
And caring
And loyal
And sweet
And strong.
And she is ours
She is our angel
Of guidance
And patience
And love. 
She is our light,
She is my sun,
In the dark.
Let us all shine for her.
She would want us to shine. 


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