Am I white enough?

Am I white enough?
Child of the people brave and true
American by breed
So through scorn by those who sold our lands
Propagated, fumigated and discarded the clans
Am I white enough to be no longer classified to secede
My home, my land, my ancestral heritage?
No longer red with brown eyes, traded for indigo
A necessary end to avoid your indignation
Ancestor, mind so bold, ancient wisdom no longer told
Am I white enough for you?
See my skin, pale amber, and eyes of blue
No longer I hope am I scorned by you
Chief blood runs through my veins
A spirit medicine line all the same
Brave lord, leader betrayed
By hook, crook and color to be said
Am I white enough yet?
My heritage lost in silent scorn
Dirty Indian, Dirty Cherokee
Heck dirty Pottawatomie, slandered all the lot
Cast your dimes, throw your quarters
I care no longer
For my heart is still hard fought
When will you self righteous horde ever be satisfied?
Upon my ancestors, pain you set your pride
Still then and now? Am I white enough yet?


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