Always Running

Feet hitting light thuds on the ground as you continue on, faster, faster

Your lungs burn forests as you breathe, harder, harder,

What made you go this time?

Was it ambition? Was it fear?

You run faster, you go farther, but you never stop to consider,

Where are you going? What will you do when you get there?

How long will you run? When will the running finally end?

It's been too long now, your feet begin to slow,

Your body pleads no more as your soul wills you to continue,

What do you do now? Your emotions have lead you thus far

What are you running from? Is it me or is it yourself?

Are you trying to hide? Are you trying to start over?

"Run away", you tell yourself, "Hide away".

You always run, too soon or too late

You always run, I guess it was your fate

To always run, to always hide,

Like a child at play

I hope that someday

You won't have to run anymore

This poem is about: 
Our world


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