Almost Forgot

Standing on the balcony square,

I watched the August moon,

Its gleaming light so fair,

And I knew I would be leaving


Barefoot, daring, swathed in fine lace,

Like a midsummer rose shrouded with grace.


How simple it had been to be youthful and blind,

Pulled around, strung like a marionette,

Thoughts of the outside world far from my mind.

“Listen to us, listen”, they said, “and you will never regret”.

But in the folds of a ribbon red rose,

I glimpsed once again a life beyond the end of my nose.


Indeed, it was easy to forget.


In the whirlwind of life, losing my sight,

Of the small and unnoticed; beautiful and contrite.

Clad in gleaming boots of night black leather,

I tiptoed one foot out the door, then two.

My soul soared as light as summer heather,

Returning to the world I knew.

Without another glance at my incarcerating abode,

Then, I set my boot on that beautiful

            Terrifying hard black road.



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