Allusions of Me

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Allusions of Me

Written by Jinapher J. Hoffman



There used to be this curtain.

It was black, and dark, and very uncertain.

It covered my life like a despairing blanket,

telling me secrets of itself; It.

I used to believe It was me.

Then, it obliterated everything I could see.

I didn’t know who I was,

Or who thought I was because...

I was It and It was me,

And that’s what I thought I would always be.


It didn’t mind my tortured soul,

my mind heaped into an echoing mass of sorrowful goals.

It didn’t care about anyone but everyone’s opinions,

And It would play me into thinking I was his minion.

I’d play It’s game,

And I’d whisper his name,

And I’d hide inside myself thinking I was to blame.


Then, on a hot Summer morning, I spoke up.

I told It I’d had enough.

Like a wonderful happily ever after, It vanished.

My happiness, I found once he left, was famished.

I dived head first into a sea of good persons,

And I wrote a new story about new lessons.


I wrote of a boy, who woke up from a death-like sleep.

He didn’t know his name, his age, or which memories to keep.

Then, I wrote about a girl, who was the toughest of them all.

She carried her burdens heavily, and had a scowl that made grown men crawl.

Together, they were two--

Connected and True,

And they were both oblivious and tough;

Everything and Enough.


I stopped writing after so many words,

Letting the boy and girl fly with the birds,

Only to come back with the grandest news:

That together they had become my life’s perfect muse.




This is very excellently written!

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