The Allegory Architect

There she is, a girl all alone

Others let out, an annoyed moan

She sits, her head down, in a book

Other play angry birds on a nook

She opens a notebook, takes out a pen

Ignores the others, and makes herself zen

She writes and she writes until the world disappears

She writes about gnomes, fairies, and heroines with spears

She pens and defines

She reaps wordy vines

To her, every word is a place

To begin a new world, create a new space

There are those, who don't understand

But they would, if they gave imagination a hand

The girl creates her very own tome

When she writes, she manifests home



"Manifests home" may be one of my favorite phrases. I am in love with the feeling of creation that pulses through your poem. Very well done!


Thank you very much for taking the time to read and appreciate my work!

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