Allah means God,

I know that because I have a friend

She's muslim, with darker skin, wears a hijab

But we can still joke around, laugh and play, I thought we could do this every time,

But not today...

Because today she's under scrutiny

Because of something she did not do

Because of others who kill for her religion

Something that she herself would never use

Because her skins a different shade

Because she speaks a different lilt

Because she dresses awfully different

People scream, "immigrant!!!"

People throw things at her, slander

It's always in the air,

We walk her to her classes because it's almost everywhere,

Never feeling safe, we teach her how to defend,

And she asks me why people do this to her instead.

She says

I didn't kill no brothers, no fathers, mothers, sons

I stay to my religion, I've never hurt any one

So why do they throw things at me, laugh and call me names?

Why are they always looking, for someone else that they can blame?

She looks at me sadly, she's a peace keeper you know

She doesn't care for any drama, fights above or below,

She says with barely a whisper, as she meets my eyes,

This is a tough world, so why can't I cry?

I didn't do no harm, no wrong to any of you,

Still you say bad things, violence, and always persecute,

If you don't blame all whites for the evil KKK,

Then why do you persecute my religion and my people in this very way?

Because people are fearful of what they do not know,

Of what they do not see, and what others do not show,

They've seen all the horror that's shown on the news,

Not seen the rest because they have refused,

I am sorry my friend for my people this way,

You shouldn't be treated like this day after day,

I can only hope that this treatment will change,

Instead of turning into an all consuming rage,

Allah means god, and Islam [Salema] means peace,

Hopefully one day this fearfulness will decrease,

towards you and all of your religion too,

for this should be the one thing that we can do for you.





This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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