To All the Windows I've Looked Through

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 18:53 -- AlexaR

To all the windows I have looked through,

You do me such a service, and yet,

I never say thank you.

So thank you.

You've seen me through growing pains,

From baby teeth to wisdom teeth, 

From clothes at Baby Gap to... Gap. 

You've seen tears navigate the freckles on my cheeks, 

Tears cut patterns on my made-up cheeks, 

Hiding my face away from being seen so sad.

You've seen rapture on my lips and light in my eyes, 

Eyeing landscapes on your other side in a bashful moment.

You've seen my brows furrowed and my mind busied,

Taking in the blur of green and gray as I ride in the car,

Taking in the stillness of morning as I sip coffee before school.

You've seen me pensive, seen me anxious,

Looking up and out from an essay for inspiration.

And you've shown me the world.


You've shown me the moon on clear nights,

The rain on roughest nights,

And the sun on glorious mornings of second chances,

And for that I thank you.

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