All Over the Road.

"I'm going to tell you one more time. 
You're all over the road,"
I look up and think here we go again. 
Different day, same lecture. Our bows weren't the same direction. 
"Why can't you play the song like I showed you."
The problem is, we were. 
We were playing the song exactly the same. 
I hate when we have practice before a gig. 
All I can think about is the disappointment in his voice. 
"You're all over the road," plays over and over in my mind. 
This time our bows were wrong. 
Sad part is we had it right. 
But he put in our heads that we were going to mess up. 
Looking at the crowd, I see an elder look into my eyes and smile.
She seems to understand. 
Going out after the gig was our way of relaxing. 
Piling into the car, with $25 in our trajes we decided to go driving for awhile. 
Our van swerved to the left, to the right. 
The skid marks were all over the road. 
The adrenaline I needed for the gig finally kicked in. 
Elisa pulls into the closet store we see, Wal-Mart. 
Adonis and Daniel jumped out of the van laughing. 
They had this look in their eyes that was terrifying. 
10 cartons of eggs. 
Why eggs? I think to myself. 
Driving down a neighborhood, all the windows slowly go down. 
Eggs start flying out the widows from every direction possible. 
Last two eggs, Raylynn and I were handed them. 
"Do it" 
"Do it" 
Frightened we throw the eggs. 
I looked back and eggs shells were all over the road. 
"Don't say a word."
Four months later. 
We are standing in a line getting stared down by him. 
He paces back and forth. 
Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. 
He stops in the middle of the living room. 
He doesn't say a word. 
Because we were all over the road. 


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