All On My Own

hearing the words of the class president, "Let us all stand in congratulating the class of two thousand and ---".

A week before your thoughts consisted of "I can't wait to leave" and "finally it's my time to go", but hearing the word "Graduate" made you realize...

"I am now on my own"

Feeling like a bird using its wings for the first time, ready to soar, but not knowing which direction to go in first.

The feeling of a child taking its first steps into adulthood.

"I am on my own..."

Soaring the sky of great opportunity, not knowing where you'll land.

Looking out upon the land of choice, not knowing what you'll choose.

Walking the steps of change, not knowing what it is you'll change.

And you then think again to yourself "I am on my own...all on my own"

And that's when you realize this is finally your chance to be who you wanted to be and do what you've always wanted to do.

And prove to the people who said you couldn't do it or said you would never make it...

That, You are on your own and you made it.

So you soar high, look up, and walk forward.

And you come back to the day of graduation, when you hear your class president say, "Let us all stand in congratulating the class of two thousand and --" 

What will you think?

I know what I'll be thinking...

"I'm All on My Own...Bring it on! Because, I'm ready for whatever is thrown at me."



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