All My Girls

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 21:24 -- tiraluv

All my girls need to wear Nikes cause I'm keepin em in check.

We the classy crew, shouldn't be nothin' brand new.

Ladies keep your rims spinnin'; you already know you wouldn't;t be nothing' without us.

Keep the world on its tilt, so stop lookin' at how we're built.

And ask why our eyes wilt.

Call me your flower but won't water me.

Try to make us what we're not. Tryna mold us like we're wet clay.

As long as we're wet and you get to play it's all gay.

We're not trophies and we're not old toys so stop tryna put us on the shelf.

Don't buy what you don't want. This is not a build a chick.

You see what you got and then you pick.

So you need to turn back f-a-s-t quick.

We do what we do so just fall back.

We putting on longer pants cause we want to; putting on hoodies cause we feel like it; wearing Nikes cause we can.

You say you want a real chick but describe a Barbie.

be real with yourself first cause you're not a Ken doll either, not even a Bratz.

So take off your shades and look at me with your real eyes.

We're not just boobs, butts, and bellys.

Maybe you should use your third eye.

Us ladies put on a facade for you because all we want is a little time and attention from you.

But after we do, that love isn't true.

The love is for my coke bottle that you like to sip from.

It's my figure eight in a prom dress or my figure four that's a lust test or my figure two that i starve for you.

But i wonder if you ever sacrifice for me too.

Ofcourse not.

But women if we want a change, we gotta make the change.

So let's cover up our chests and reveal our minds. Cause it's bout time these men saw a change.



I love this poem so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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