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Rest In Peace we post because he's gone

Robin Williams one of our own

Suffering from severe depression

Were we blind? The truth is no one ever looked him in the eye

Bent over laughing thinking he's so happy

Behind ''Good Will Hunting'' was a hurting man

During ''Mrs. Doubtfire'' we ignored his pain

Lashing out with addiction taking gateway drugs

Somethin' u associate with criminals or thugs

Bout time u stopped judging books by a cover

Worked until u discover an undercover brother

The worst kind bottlin up everything in the mind

Forgetting he's human battling demons

Doctor says laughter is the cure so he stays on TV

''Saturday Not Live'' went on commercial and you were cracking the fuck up

Almost letting go of ur problems forcing him to hold onto his own

"What About Bob" making light of diseases he could never have

Mental illnesses exposing themselves

Drugs finally being released

The communication shutting down

True feelings being buried

A punishment to slaves you choose for urself

No longer able to feel the joy you gave to others

You feel your work on Earth is done

"All in the Family" but for a second ignoring the needs of ur own

They hope u feel better but want u back home

Truth is u can never come back and I'm rele scared

I have sevre depression but had decided to fuck my meds

Better off without them denial is my sin

All people see me for is a smile and a joke

Just b/c I tell good ones doesn't make me OK

I'm almost bi-polar but I suffer from anxiety

Haven't had a med check in months and my PTSD grows stronger

I've told a joke everyday but I've cried a lot too

I've got them deep dark addictions

No one rele knows me

I'm not sure what hurts worse

The song STAN by Eminem or the death of u

Not b/c u were funny that's stupid u see

The scariest part is that u exposed all of ME

The disease I was first diagnosed with

The pain I carry inside

The addictions insiders know about

And all of the lies



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