All That Matters

Who do you think I am?

A quiet girl?

A sweet girl?

A smart girl?

Maybe I am,

But that is certainly,

Not all I am.


Who are you?

Do you even care?

What would you do,

If I were to tell you…

Who I really am?

If I were to mention…

Fear, love, and hormones?

If I were to show you,

What I truly look like?


Maybe I don’t wear makeup,

But I am no less masked.

You do not care,

Nor do I wish you to.

Another liability,

Another weakness…

And what for?

A chance at companionship?

You do not need to see,

You do not matter.


I remain alone,

Trapped by my insanity,

But what’s that?

Is there someone peaking in?

Wide eyes and innocent words…

Can it be?

Could it truly be…

Are you real?


‘I love you,’

Words I thought I might never,

Utter truthfully.


There is one,

Who exists,

One who cares,

For no reason at all,

And who will remain,



Perhaps a weakness,

But he must see,

He wants to see.

He matters,

And that is all,

That matters to me.




This was also posted on my DeviantArt page.




I like it! It's a relateable thing that happens to most of us and you just shortened it into a uniquely, beautifully written poem. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!


Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

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