All the little things

I took time to notice all the little things about you

Like how your hair was auburn

Or how you laughed

I brought you flowers on our first date

You smelled them and told me they were pretty

Every word that came out of your mouth made me fall for you even more

Even if you weren't into me the same way

You were the first one to say the dreaded words

But I was the one to show it more

When you told me that the two of you were fighting

Who was the one that talked you through all the pain

When you debated leaving him for his immaturity

Who was the one that proposed some other alternatives

You were and still are the most beautiful woman I have ever met

Even if it has been years since we last saw each other

I was always there for you

Noticing your laugh

The way your hair blows in the wind

Or the way you walk always starting on the right foot

And why do I do these things?

Because I love you

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