All I Need Scholarship Slam


1  We are the unseen

   Held underneath

   Buried as a team with an empty canteen

   With the unknown beneath

   Yet to be unleashed

6   We grit our teeth


7  The water, now up to our waist

    Around are the vermin called lice  

     Food no longer fits our taste

     As we surround the mice

    Without haste

12  This space must suffice


13 Our rifles first held tight

     As flares fly overhead

     Grenades thrown with might

     We look on  fearless, as we tread

     To win the fight  

18  Together we move ahead


19 Our time no start nor end

    The chlorine gas escapes

    No more air in the bend

     We no longer feel the trench shape

    Our injuries have no mend

25 We measure our time with a short tape


26 Over the top, We hear

     Into “No Man’s Land”

     The call we all fear

    As dead men we stand


  As long as we are near

We shall not fear

The wistful dangers that will bring tears

For all we need is eachother


Analysis: I wrote this poem in the theme of trench warfare and it is in the perspective soldiers. The readers get a glimpse of what it is like inside a trench; the suffocation, uncleansliness, and rodents. I included this because I believed that it helped set the scene of being lost in a desert or stranded because they are trapped from the outside world. The soldiers are fearful for when their commander orders them to go into "No Mans Land" because it is the lend between their trench and the enemies trench. This land is feared because right when you step foot on it, you are in clear view to the enemies and they can easily shoot you. Commanders send a portion of their soldiers there knowing that they will indeed die, but with the hope that they will be able to shoot a few of the enemie soldiers before they are shot to death. They are isolated and trembeling while waiting for the call, the call to their death. And when it comes, they know what awaits them but they have no fear because they have each other and that is all they need.


Going back to the prompt, this poem relates to me and how all I need is my family and friends to help me through hard times, or just to always be with me. And just like the soldiers, how they only need eachother to get them through this dreadful and abandoning time.




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