All I Need to Live - Yes It's for a Scholarship but it's Also to Get It Off My Chest

They say we need air, food and water to stay alive

We simply need them to survive

For me to truly Live I need to learn

Knowledge is the greatest gift that can be given, the greatest thing you can earn

I remember the first time I realized I could learn anything I wanted,

“I need this, I want this, I have to have this… this learning.”

I need to learn simple things like how to do taxes and balance a checkbook

I need to learn how to live on my own

I need to learn to love more

I need to learn

I want to learn

Learning is so important that it defies form and reason

One word, three words, four words, whatever it takes to express the importance of learning


I love learning

I need to learn

Even I need to learn how to express how important learning is to me

All I know already has come from learning

From successes I have learned

From failures I have learned more

Call me a failure you will learn the two sounds of me hitting you and you hitting the ground

Anything I learn from is a success

Learning means winning to me

I could be stranded on an island or in a forest or on a mountain

I may need food, water, shelter and air

But I’ll only live through it if I can learn

You’ll find me studying the world around me to get what I need

Water can be found here, here and here

Food, I’ve learned to get what I need by looking in the right places

Some shelters work better to keep you safe from exposure

Air, look around, learn to see what you already have


I won’t ever give up learning

I need to learn to live

And I need to learn, to live.

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