All I need is books, books, and more books!

If just for a day my life were to change

and I would be whisked away

to an island in the sun

I would not take much, practically none. 


I would not take a pen

I would not take my favorite music or songs 

I would not take the one that I love 

though I would take my books because they are the doors

that would make my retreat especially fun. 


Books have a purpose not much else can achieve 

they are the windows to the worlds unseen 

they are our escape and our flee, from the things that we hate

or the things that we wish would not be. 


Books are the reason we smile, the reason we cry, and sometimes even bleed

I would live a thousand lives on that one single retreat

given the characters and many views 

I would not know I was on an island at all. 


I would be in Hogwarts, Camp Halfblood, or maybe even Mars

Either way, books are that window to creativity 

So if I were to be on an adventure, at any cost

I would take books, without a second thought.


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