All I Need

It’s Easter Sunday, I’m tryna be interested but for some reason I can’t dissect it/

Tryna figure out what the heck is a Holy Spirit, and how do I feel its reception/

Meanwhile, my mind digressin as I look across the pews to see what girl I could connect with/

Then I think what a bad person I am I need to be more Christian/

My grandma was one but it seemed borin I just didn’t get it/

I wanted to be like my dad and uncles cuz I used to see em stuntin/

Or like rappers on BET, how they could have every woman/

Anyway, I’m thankful for how my moms and pops raised me cuz they still provided for me even though they had me younger/

Pops told me go the right way and stay in school/

Moms scorned me bout hangin out with the wrong dudes and not to be a fool/

Wasn’t that popular in high school, got cut from the basketball team/

So I switched to rap with plans to blow up and be great, Nawmean?/

I would plot ways and scheme tryin to achieve this Black American dream/

Young black boy made it out the ghetto, look at me I’m something special/

Searchin for significance in my education and in the way I rhymed phrases when I wrote on pages/

I felt sparks within those avenues but I never got the flame lit/

In and out of relationships and chasin different opportunities for sexual relations/

I was blind, thinkin wrappin it up would make everything fine/

But didn’t see it then, partyin every weekend/

Havin fun but feelin this void by the time the next week begin/

What’s my purpose? Up til college I never prayed or read bible verses/

But I aint really think of that at the time that I was lost and searchin/

God pursued me through a roommate I hadn’t seen the whole first semester/

Who found out I rapped because of my microphone up on my dresser/

My roommate rapped too, and it was tight but it was soundin different/

He was talking bout Jesus in the bars he spitted/

I took interest like a bank, then started bumpin Lecrae/

The next week I bumped into my roommate in the hallway/

He asked me if I ever read the bible, I said “Nah”/

He asked me if I wanted to read sometime I said “Why Not”/

Didn’t know what to expect, went to my room full of wonder/

I planned to meet the next day, I didn’t think much of it/

I just respected the Bible, it was vital at the time cuz I was empty/

We met the next day , he shared the gospel, A FREIGHT TRAIN HIT ME!


I can’t write this out with a pen but I know it was making sense/

I found my purpose for livin, fulfillment and acceptance no matter what I did in the past/

It was all about a relationship with the Creator of the Universe that outlasts all things/

Imma outcast til he brings me home/

I don’t look to eternity scared no more cuz I know Imma be with the Lord/

Dats for this life and the one after /

Don’t get it twisted, see now He’s my master/

So he’s the only one I’m chasin after/

Not power, fame, pleasure or a Black American Dream/

Jesus Is All That I Need



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