All I Need

Not a soul makes itself known, for I am alone.

Alone with my thoughts and worries,

Alone and afraid to survive. 


Food is not my concern for survival.

Though, it fleetingly crosses as a need.

But, alone with my thoughts there is only room for greed.

Choices are made, only with a clear mind.

If you hear voices whisper in you ear,

It is best to hide in fear. 


To survive, let judgment not be clouded.

Rather, let it be translucent as the water.

After all we are imperfect creatures,

With minds as delicate as a flower.


My sanity is all I need,

It is what I want to control.

For without sanity, life as we know it 

Will crumble and fall.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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