All I Need

All I Need

All I need in life is his warm hug,

and for whenever I get scared,

to squash that creepy bug.

All I need is for him to cheer at every game,

and to know that no matter how I’m playing,

he’ll be cheering my name.

All I need is for him to tuck me in at night,

and when I’m ready to close my eyes,

for him to turn off the light.

All I need is his great big heart,

because when he makes other people smile,

that is a work of art.

All I need is for him to be there,

because without my father,

I would be nowhere.

A heart like his,

a work ethic like his,

a warm hug like his,

the endless support, happiness, and love he gives,

that is all I need.

This poem is about: 
My family


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