All I Need


Some rely on the breath they breathe

Others rely on typical things.

Electronics, accessories, places they call home.

Desperation from keeping them alone.


Life is not that typical cliché.

I try to make it worth-while in my own way.

Sometimes it is a glance, sometimes it is a stare.

It is like I see you everywhere.


That one moment is all I need.

In which to fulfill the emptiness inside of me.

You standing there.

I am standing here.


That one moment is beyond typical.

It’s more than just a girl and a boy that makes it whimsical.

Your eyes speak softly in just one glance.

My heart thumps and nerves in the midst of myself dance.


Ending is the doom of every love, no matter the size.

But it is not the end, I realize.

If it were the end, there would be no bittersweet glance.

There would be no sign of a second chance.


The distance between us is the worst of all pains.

It takes everything within me to refrain.

In the wake of all the years that have went by.

I know it can’t be too late to try.


Because every time I see you, that moment returns.

That moment is not something I just earned.

Between us was a friendship from the past.

It seemed almost too good to last.


Right on cue, reality sunk in.

With all I am and who you are, we could never win.

Love is “fragile” so they say.

But, if so delicate, how can it afflict so much pain?


All I need is you here.

All I need is less fear.

All I need is a second chance.

All I need is that certain glance.

All I need is that moment.

For all I have felt and hid to be spoken.

All I need is you right there.

All I need is you to care.

That is all I ask for you to do.

Because all I need is, truly, you.


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