All I Need

When I think of something I absolutely need
Something I cannot live without.
I think of someone very close to me.
I think of someone who loves me unconditionally.
I may not thank Him enough for everything that he's done.
I better start, though, before my opportunity is gone.
I would be broken without Him.
And I'd be completely lost.
I cannnot live with out Him.
I cannot survive.
I disobey  Him,
Yet, He chooses to forgive me.
I sin every single day
Yet, He chooses to forgive me.
My sins are washed away by the blood of His son.
But I still take advantage
Yet, he chooses to forgive me.
He chooses to Love me when I do what I am not supposed to.
Without Him, I'd choose wrong.
Without Him, I'd be weak.
He is glorious.
He is strong.
He is Love.
He is Brave.
He is agape.
He is my father.
He is my savior.
He is the holy spirit.
He is my God.
He is Hope.
He is what i need to survive.
He is all I will ever need.

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