All a Game

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 13:25 -- Snhemm

It was all a game to them,

But to me it was something more.

They didn't know how it was affecting me,

They didn't know that I cared.

The way they do these things,

Makes me lose all my trust.

It makes me look back at all my mistakes,

And wonder,

Were they even mistakes at all.

The way they ran away,

Made my heart fall,

Made my eyes water.

Then I thought to myself,

Why do I even care at all.I think to my past and say,

I don't want this to consume me again.

I don't want it to take away my freedom,

The freedom I should have.

If this world is free,

Why do I feel like a prisoner within it.

This world is suffocating people,

people with dreams that could change the world.

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