All Fall Down


United States
I take your hand and walk to the ledge
Looking over the steep edge
Ready for the jump, but not for the fall
So here I stand, trying to stall
We take a step and look down
The height of the fall
Makes my heart pound
Finally, we trade a look, then look up
And fall forward as we jump
And then we all fall down
The bodies are scattered all around
With their broken dreams
All the things that they’ve seen
With the way things used to be
So here we go, taking chances again
Listening to words that were penned
We can jump without a sound
But then it hurts more
When we all fall down
We walk along the road
Not sure where we wanna go
It always seems like
When we need it most
We run out of time
Then we run into another stop sign
Or sometimes a red light
Freezing your dreams
Or even pushing them away it seems
The time is up, it’s too late
Congratulations, we’ve sealed our fate
When we all fall down
I guess now it’s time to fly
Time to stand up and fight
Time to live, time to learn
Time to brush off the hurt
Time to sigh, time to breathe
Time to fly, time to be free
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