"All Because I Love You"



When I see you, I would have the biggest smile on my face.

When I'm with you, I would do things funny just to make you laugh.

When your sleep, I would watch you because I am happy to have you in my life.

When I think of you, I would sing songs to myself to dream our great times together.

When you call, I would stop doing everything just to hear your voice.

When you need me, I would skip school for you.

When I don't see you, I would sneak my parent's car just to be next to you.

When I loved you, I would ignore my family’s time for you.

And because I love you, I would do things that are way out of my pay in order to make you happy.

Because I love you, when you're mad at me I would get mad at myself for making you mad in the first place

Because I love you when my friends told me you did something wrong to me I ignored them because I loved you too much to believe it.

Because I love you, I would wonder so hard if you were talking to someone else when you weren't talking to me.

Because I love you, when I did find that out, I let you come back to me because you said sorry.

Because I love you, even though you said stuff about my family I still accepted you in my heart.

Because I love you, I said I love you even though I felt that you didn't love me back.

I let you rip what was precious to my heart and break it right in front of me.

I would see and hear all of this negative stuff you said about me behind my back, and I would play like I wasn't aware of them at all.

Because I love you, even though you blocked me when we argued I would try to find a way around to make sure you were happy again.

When I was fully blocked from all my ways around to you. I stopped and looked at all the memories we had, and I tried to realize the good times we actually had.

It has been 2 weeks since you blocked my access to you and I was still trying to find ways around to talk to you.

Because I love you, when you finally called me back as if nothing happened, I realized that I love you so much. I failed to love myself.

Because I love you, I hurt myself by separating myself from the ones who actually loved me

And because I love you, I cannot love you anymore.



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