All Are Accepted


I’ve always wanted to speak out,

Except I never really knew how,

But with the power of poetry and #YOWO,

Maybe my time is now.


I want to clear some things up,

Regarding my religion.

I am a proud Catholic girl,

And today I have a vision.


Today I want everyone to know

How our church feels about gays.

You can ask any priest,

They’re the ones who taught me these ways.


God loves us so much,

That he sent his only Son,

Who taught us many things,

One being “love everyone”.


The word catholic means universal.

We accept all in our Church.

Being gay is/was/and never will be a sin.

I’ve done my research.


The mere act of being gay is not the problem.

It is the gay sexual act that is the sin

Because it is not unitive and procreative.

I will explain more much to your chagrin.


For the sexual act to be unitve AND procreative,

Which God intended from the beginning,

One must be married, and the act must finish with it possible for life.

For this is the only time one would not be sinning.


Gay sexual acts will always be a sin

Because procreation will never be in the picture.

And the only way to be unitive is through marriage.

You can read it in scripture.


Before anyone gets mad

And thinks I’m slamming gays.

They are not the only ones doing wrong.

Everyone sins everyday.


Not only are homosexual sexual acts a sin,

Many sexual acts heterosexual people perform are, too.

Premarital sex, oral sex, and contraception,

These examples are just a few.


These acts are all sins

because they are a disorder to the natural law.

Which God has given us,

To help protect us all.


But all of these sins

Happen every day.

No one is perfect,

And that is okay.


We have a merciful God,

Who loves and forgives.

We all are His children

And in us he lives.


The golden rule is to love your neighbor

As you would want to be loved.

The Catholic Church knows we are all sinners

And for that reason, no one is judged.


It doesn’t matter who you are,

Or what sins you’ve committed.

The church welcomes with open arms,

All are admitted.


The Catholic Church has taught me not to judge.

I love and accept everyone, no matter who they might be.

Homosexual, Heterosexual, or anything else.

It doesn’t matter, you all are special to me.


My goal was to not offend,

I just wanted to help educate.

But for anyone that may still be confused,

Or have any built up anger and hate,


I would gladly discuss any issues

With anyone that have more questions,

But I am no scholar, just a college student,

So here are my suggestions:


The Catechism of the Catholic Church

Has more in depth explanations.

Hopefully reading that can help

Clear up any frustrations.


Also, you can never go wrong with the Bible,

It is God’s true written word.

Any priest, brother, or sister would also be willing

To clear up and rumors you may have heard.


I hope after reading this poem,

My voice will have made some progress,

Explaining where the Church stands on this matter, 

And what I’ve always wanted to profess.


May peace be with you and God bless. 


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