Fri, 09/22/2017 - 05:52 -- Alexie


The first time we met, you were shy and so awkward

However, you swept me off my feet that very same day

A year and a half later, we continued moving forward

But as time flew by, your love for me turned gray


Maybe to my friends I should have listened, 

Still wouldn't matter, I was such a fool

Even if my love has been one-sided

I didn't mind being your tool


You only want me when your body tells you to

You only like me when it's night

We meet each other at our secret rendezvous 

To kiss, to embrace, to strangle me with all your might


The night is long, you and I are the only ones left

Punish me all you want, treat me like a toy

It doesn't matter anyway, you always leave me possessed

I will let you do anything, just to see you enjoy


Was it my fault that you treat me this way?

Well I did say I'm forever yours, dear oh dear

And you did say you will never hurt me, but each day 

You continue to pierce my heart with your pointed spear


I miss the times when you'd say you loved me,

When you would call me beautiful and mean it

You'd look into my dark Asian eyes, shining at you brightly

Now, it's like you're taking your words from a script


I know I may not have been perfect

I might not be the same girl as you loved before

But, I'll let you use my body as a test subject

Until you get tired of it and need it no more 


I know you, my love , were never this kind of person

I can see through the pain I've endured

Certain, and not looking in the eyes of oblivion

Whatever you are, for you, my love is assured


You may look like a monster to my friends

To them, my soul you have wiped away 

But like I said, I will love you till the end

And if you throw me, I'll just wait here and stay 


Is this a sign of an obsession?

For my love is endless and will never fade

My body is yours, let it be your precious possession

And the heart you have stolen with a blade

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