Up Ahead

Up Ahead

Stands a figure

A hooded figure.

All around me is chaos,

the screams from the Fields of Punishment

Echoes in my head.

His hand reaches to me.

A soft smile that says

"Do not be afraid."

"You will not go there."

"No more harm will come to you."

Softly I spoke,

"I have no fear"

The blank, cracked phone

fell from my broken hand,

the cause of being a spirit,

tumbling into the abyss below.

Up Ahead

Stands a figure


Awaiting for me.

I slowly take his hand,

my hand that slowly healed,

and away went my ties from this Earth.

Behind me, I left the phone,

Along with the broken car,

To join my new destiny


This poem is about: 
Our world


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