Aggrandized Thoughts

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 17:22 -- Guled



Six feet under I wonder what I could've done better

Changed my chains, got a job, moved out the cellar,

Rent a car, take my Ma on a first rate vacation,

If I would've got the money to pay for her medication,

She was a cancer patient,


Should've went to college at least started made some paper,

Washed a car, mowed the lawn, did some neigbor a favor,

Growing up solely stolen watches on my wrists,

I had more plants than an environmentalist,


In Heaven I'm refueld a reception,

I don't have time to decipher deception,

Heaven is Freedom and Hell is a slave ship

The devil's tying me up I work hell for the payment,


They told me I couldn't do it still I smashed it,

Watered down lit my match and lashed it,

Like a phoenix returning form the ashes,

I couldn't let pass my ability and the chances,


My hope back, the fumes back to flames,

From patience to rage, my enemy the rain,

This part of my life book I want to rip out the page,

Forget the devil and just hope They will save!





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