Ages Ago

The year I was born, was the year I chose my path of life

I chose the anger and strife I would go through

I even chose the people I would hold on to.

Who knew by Elementary school, my mind would..

allow me to think myself below others

You know, because I didn't do the things 'they' wanted me to

The misfit, who had far more talents than the popular

But, because my Saviour was Christ at a young age,

I had no dwellings with them.


Who knew by my Middle school years, I would still be ...


Because I conformed to what others said,

and worse, to what my mind said

My biggest enemy was me for a long time

And as I submitted myself to the enemy

I also began to submit myself to another creature

A boy at the time, a man now

And in this time, there was a fork in the road to which

I tried my hardest to travel both


2013, and I realized I couldn't be two different people

Highschool had done its course already

I failed a class, and while failing that

My mind began to make me think I was failing life

On top of that the man I gave my submission, had

put me on an indirect mission

Trying to keep up with the most beautiful girls

Not realizing that I was the most beautiful of them all

In my heart, In God's eyes, he made the perfect creation

He just needed me to realize that


2017 and I am now dancing, singing, and writing like never before

I allowed surgery on my mind and heart

Turns out it was a psychological problem

It was diagnosed by me, and thats when I realized

If I gave him my worries and sorrows

He would would give me hope and joy for tomorrow

And the man I thought I would never get through a storm with

We became the biggest storm chasers of them all

Life is funny, when you lay down your burdens and sorrows


So life has me like, where is your next curve ball. And I'm not even an Athlete

                                                                              -Amber Williams

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