Age Trap


Young with conditions.

Hands all over

anchoring our dreams.

Up all night,

laughing with magnetic hope.

Compasses spinning in no direction.


Bubble up from below,

play in fidelity funhouses.

Drift from calm harbors,

to set sail on swelling seas.


Battle the smiling wrinkles

humoring tired ideas.

Don't trade in tipsy adventures for

dusty conversations.


Wisdom slyly winks,

calling with withered gasps.

Hypnotizing blue lips; reminder of snow.

Come out of winter's ragged trap.


Unearth glimmering dreams,

mold them in your hands.

Disregard blank years

stuck in a birdcage.

Life flies me away,

no parachutes for landing.



A poem about age and it's fresh newness to maturing eyes.


The zesty newness of life once you reach the age of change and maturity.

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