The Age Between Us

Silver hair;

Crow’s feet;

Wrinkled shirts;

Worn boots.

These describe you.


Blonde hair;


Smooth skin;

New shoes.

These describe me.


The age between us.


You listened to Jimmy Hendrix;

I listened to Taylor Swift.


You ran wild in the night;

I studied by lamp light.


A question led to phone calls in the dark.


Chattering like chipmunks we grew together.

It was taboo for us to talk;

To like;

And to love one another.


But still, we were not separated.


When hate flew around us like angry wasps

You weren’t phased.


You stood tall;

And so, did I.


I found my voice and;

I am proud to call you mine;

Every wrinkle;

Every scar;

Every dad joke;

And every smile.


I smile through the hate;

Words that damage the soul;


Gold Digger,



I stand tall because you stand with me.


You worry;

You check on me;

You support me;

And you love me.


To separate us would call for disaster;

For our love is stronger than steel;

But quitter than snow falling.


Me and him

Him and me.

Iron strong;



This poem is about: 
My family


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