against the grain

Wed, 02/03/2016 - 00:22 -- Bravo


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I touched my neck and I realized

I forgot how it felt to be bound locked in chains

even in my mind I stopped the pain

I'm not the same I made an exchange a heavy yoke for a prayer life

captivity for a life of freedom

I looked at my wrist and I realized

I forgot how it feels to be locked in chains

no longer constrained no longer confined no longer in pain

no longer am i


I looked at my feet and I realized

those old shackles are gone

no longer do i mourn or am i torn

but am strong


in my trials, my tribulations


my victories no longer conquered for I conquer

let us touch and concur

I looked at my soul and I realized

that it's no longer tarnished instead adorned and garnished

I looked in my eyes and I realized

there's no longer emptiness

there's no longer an abyss

no longer can I feel deaths sweet kiss on the tip of my lips

no longer can I feel deaths gentle clutch no longer do I lust

...for death to take me

as a way of escaping

my mental hell

imprisonment in my mental jail

confinement behind that cold mental cell

because I listened and I listen to that small still voice that whispers all is well

because I can tell that all is well

as long as my God lives all is well!

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