After the Wishes

Prince Ali

Mighty is he

Living in deception

Strong? No, weak

Mighty not he

Oh, how deceptive




Once upon a time

And time and time again

Lived in poverty

Many, many men 


Many more arabian nights

A croak of hunger

Aladdin, a young riff raff

With love and town to plunder


One fateful trek

Temptation in the masses

Aladdin comes upon Genie

Who gives him 3 chances


Three grand wishes

His future is sealed

He greedily takes the bait

And in blood makes the deal


But a devious plan lurks

One cultivated for centuries

A thirst for existence

A theft of any entity


So young boy Aladdin

So lost in the jewels

Doomed by his love

Through friendship he is fooled


His third wish comes upon him

And he makes the biggest of all

To marry beautiful Jasmine

And be prince of all


But the fine print was printed

And that one night still counts

So at the stroke of midnight

Devious Genie pounced


Crazed are Genie’s eyes

And blue bounces of the walls

A silenced Jasmine cries

As she watches her prince take the fall


The young body jerks

A final, desperate weep

Genie begins to chant

All while the castle sleeps


Suddenly there's mist

A dark blue hue in the air

And the vessel that is Aladdin

Is suddenly ensnared


Aladdin suddenly jerks

A deep, desperate gasp

A naive, joyous Jasmine jumps

And he’s suddenly in her grasp


Ecstatic he’s okay

She doesn’t see the eyes

Doesn’t process the deep blue

That made the brown die


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