Affirmative Action

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 01:04 -- Jamayah


I think they’re scared

Feel like this civil rights act of 1964 worked a little too well

And people really know that separate yet equal isn’t equal

Feel like the “Scott” they “Dred”-ed came back to seek vengeance in the form of equality

No! This affirmative action thing has to go

Was the remnants of a running joke in the white house, but its hamstrings grew strong and it was no longer commical when white people were forming the ass of the joke 

Looks like the “Board of Education” wants a rematch with “Brown” and in of all places Michigan is where it’s getting beat down

When the University of Michigan alone

Is reason enough to have the rules of affirmative action etched in stone -in the campuses admissions process

When their only defense in asserting they had black people on campus is,

If we didn’t have black people on campus no one would protest our

Racially insensitive parties rules and standards throughout our history

But to this day a girl blogs she’s the only one of the African American race in her classes

And feels like she is the narrative voice for all black women because she is the only one the privileged students come in contact with

When she shouldn’t be, but Michigan’s publicity in the 1970’s was notorious for its racism,

and made black enrollment drop by 34%

A campus where they’d welcome foreigners with open arms in this I’d seen no harm

Except it’s at my expense, because on campus I’d be treated like a second rate citizen, but I am the one with “American” at the end of their ethnicity… or is that an ongoing joke on me to feel patriotism and fight foreign nations for a country that won’t respect them

It’s so funny how after 395 years white people still see black people as an ass to plow their field

Of jokes and make the tears in their eyes grow

When they believe in the equality they propose

While they hope the proposal can come out without touching the sarcasm lodged in the back of their throats

In Michigan of all places is where a ban on Affirmative action was upheld

And what was the Supreme Court’s reasoning behind this Well

I know what it couldn’t have been

It could not have been because America has outgrown the racism and prejudice set forth in the time when Affirmative action was enacted when

University of Michigan’s Frat “Theta Xi” didn’t know a “World Star Hip Hop Presents: Hood Ratchet Thursday” party was offensive

Where the punch line people would stand in is to laugh at perpetuating stereotypes mixed with patron, because it’s hard not to be so thirsty when your legs are propped up on the wall twerking your dignity off, to a beat… down of self-respect

With invitations extended to Rappers twerkers gangsters (no bloods allowed) thugs basketball players bad bitches and ratchet pussy

“Theta Xi” tell me how could you not see this as offensive before you posted it as your women degrading racial stereotyping “cultural appropriation” party

Erin Fischer believes it is because whites have the privilege to wash off slurs like “hood” “ratchet” and “bad bitch”

But as a minority privileged students tie those labels to her like a noose around her neck as they sit down to a picnic and laugh at what she shouldn’t take as a joke, because oppression and racism is alive and well on her campus

The Supreme Court could not have upheld Michigan’s decision because America has out grown the racism set forth in the time when the civil rights act of 1964 was passed

When Mississippi ratified the thirteenth amendment just last year

The Supreme Court could not have upheld Michigan’s decision because America has out grown the racism set forth in the time when Affirmative Action was enacted

When a black grad student has to wear a suit and whistle Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” to make white people comfortable

I’m surprised he wasn’t apprehensive to do this given their reaction to Emmett Till

And white police officers palms turn beet red from the bleeding of Fruit…vale station

This incident must be in the same family of the strange fruit Billie’s seen on Poplar trees because the family resemblance is uncanny

And skittles lie undigested in the street sticky from the blood of racial profiling

It’s funny how I don’t have to say his name everybody already knows who he is

And there are more cases out there, but another dead black body not getting justice won’t keep being top news

So it doesn’t mean it’s not happening

Just not being covered

Funny how when it’s not being covered it’s being covered…up

So I don’t know why the Supremacist Court upheld Michigan’s ban of the civil rights act of 1964

This would make race a non-factor in the admissions process

Now am I the only one who believes that race will always be a factor in the process of admissions

As long as you darken the circle next to the word black they won't let you in

It’s funny how when the Japanese and Japanese-Americans were interned their descendants got reparation

But worse happened to my family tree

Hell! Worse happened on my family tree!

And all I get is the civil rights act of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965

It’s funny how I don’t get the civil rights act of 1964 or the voting rights act of 1965

The whole thing is so damn funny

It’s just, black people aren’t the ones laughing

We weren’t laughing over 300 years ago

And we aren’t laughing now     


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