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I'm here but my mind is miles away. I feel wavelengths of desolate thoughts crash over me as the shell of my body floats away with the dispirited nature of this reality. I wasn't aware it was physically impossible to swim if you've already been taught how to, then again, I wasn't aware I was drowning with the weight of an anchor. I recognized strength become distant as I sunk and balance grew weaker. The rope I thought I'd never lose my balance on had been cut...and suddenly it wasnt me who lost balance, balance lost me. There is a statue that stands so tall and so eminent, that even after all of realitys weather, it still maintained balance. I learned quickly after I had lost mine, that the only injury I had held after having my rope cut was watching that statue crumble....after that, anger became a privelage to me,because if I was lucky enough, I'd feel anything but misery,respect became humorous, and amnesty became hidden as it died along with your importance. One who shatters light, will not see a bright side, you wallow in shame and darkness as your light no longer shines to me. Until balance is again free, I remain dysphoric in this atmosphere, as it is always seen in you still. I continue to await the day when I am capable of waking up and seeing that happiness is finally more than a hallucination, and your smile moves back home where it belongs.

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