The Adversary

The angels in the sky have no care
Lazing on clouds, racing through endless air to escape

So too the merfolk of the water are boundless
They can always swim somewhere to escape

But the girl is bound by gravity and legs
There is only so far she can run before she reaches a cliff
Where the earth meets the sky and sea

Behind her lies a snarling beast
is called Reality
What will she do? 

She has no wings. 
If she tries to join the angels, she will soar for but a moment before plummeting to the sea
Where the merfolk with toy with their curiosity until their plaything from the sky goes limp
They will leave the ghastly form behind as they frolic through the waves
The angels above will not stop the descent

So what will she do?
Lingering for but a moment 
she turns to face the beast


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