The adventures of a cow named Betsy

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 15:23 -- Aripari

Now let’s see, there once was a cow named Betsy. She was as cute as could be, you see. She had a bow upon her head; she would make the grass her bed. All the other cows loved her, it’s true. But one day, Betsy felt so blue. Why you may ask? For she has heard of a dear away place, with sand and sun; and a place to bask. She wished to travel to this marvelous place, but this proved to be a difficult task. So, all the other cows me together to form a plan. The first plan was out, because they could not drive a van. The second was just insane, how could they possibly fly a plane? The third however, was great. They just had to figure out how to get the farmer to take the bait. For their plan was to open the gate.


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