Adult Lullabies

you are my sunshine
burning through the curtain over my bedroom window
forcing these swollen eyes open
whenever they’d rather be sewn shut

my only sunshine
for the few hours each day
I’m awake early enough 
to watch the wind dance with the leaves

you make me happy
like hearing your first name
whispered from a lovers lips
when they’ve fallen into a sleep deprived state

when skies are gray
I always miss your warmth
showering my trembling body
as rain leaks from the cracks in my ceiling

you’ll never know, dear
the beauty your light shows
on the shadows of my haunted room
turning stalking creatures into a comfort

how much I love you
can only be measured in the hours I stay awake
yearning for every second I can find
to spend basked in your ultraviolet rays

please don’t take my sunshine away

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