Positive mind,
Positive outcome.
The key to life is where you’re pleased,
Never doubt yourself,
Because you can achieve more than what you think.
Never settle for less,
Never give in to stress.
You can concord your mind,
You can concord your life,
You can concord the key to your success,
And most importantly your piece of mind.
But in the end don’t forget to be true to yourself,
Because no one likes a boring sound.
You’ll be great,
And will encourage many.
Many would try to put you down,
Many would call you a clown,
But in the end you will thrive and rise from the ground,
And climb the highest crown,
You’ll be grand,
You’ll be glorious,
with the guidance of God you’ll never bring anyone down.
We believe in you!
Give it your all!
Because we all know your The -Man! after all,
Don’t get sad if you fail,
Don’t trap your mind in a jail,
Ride it through,
Because failure is not fatal,
But take it as a life lesson and share it with the crowds,
Get right back up,
And and make yourself proud.
At the end of the road you’ll look back,
And be happy with all you achieve,
Then you’ll be able to rest in peace,
knowing you did everything that you pleased.
Don’t take anything for granted,
Don’t forget to say grace,
And always give thanks,
Adrian your so freaking Great!

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My family


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