Adora bull


while biding time (this common Joe) expected to be seen
by one psychiatrist at lower merion counseling center
(one charming lifesaver to boot, but bidding her adieu
within a month – thy christened Deanna Pepe,
DO.O 3OS013919                    
NPI #1336111822)
whence a young woman whose ohm high god wattage, voltage,
amped a breathtakingly beautiful current that doused
my own existential damnation, entranced temporarily
obliviousness to angst, and fueled an electric flickr
purse head gorgeously foursquare, which roused
a fiery kindling linkedin mandate to exclaim vis a vis this poem
such fair complexioned lass, who emanated out of thin air,
and comported herself with dignity, humility and modesty
unwittingly, magically enticing, and begetting absolute bliss
espying a runway model - spelling teaser, whose presence
revitalized asper an ensemble could be heard joyously pealing
quixotic reverence for chance throw of the genetic dice
extreme exemplifying striking visual prettiness
though ephemeral transient luster in time doth fad
yet at that moment – quite so many hours earlier from today
thee unknown goddess finessed fabulous unadulterated
gluten free and NON GMO breasted augmented features
silently she bespoke gracious invocations of adulation
exquisitely donning dainty crowing appreciation
of human female exotic demeanor crowdsource sing
insta gram jamming sans every gracious paeans prizing, no frills eye-candy
aesthetic vanityfair, unpretentiously tall, stunning,
quasi-pitch perfect obsequious nosegay
named Adora lovely as a queen
lit up the waiting room as her unassuming statuesque mien
filled entire field of vision, what with her thick brunette tresses
(rippling, spilling, and tumbling en masse across poignant physiognomy
of lithesome suppleness, she effortlessly glided to an awaiting client
glided unassumingly as if borne aloft of angels wings
emitting copious rays of burlesque brilliant blinding light.

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