A one night stand  
That was all it was  
Little did they know 
That it was much more 
Cus in that time 
A little girl came alive  
Over time 
They learned what had happened 
They paniked and thought 
We're not ready to do this 
To raise a young girl 
But unknown to them 
Someone else could 
So they thought and thought 
For days upon days 
Then they thought 
Let's give her away  
To a family that can love her from day to day 
 And so they did 
They gave her away 
They thought she'd be fine 
But over time 
The girl felt alone 
Abandon and sad 
She felt like a mistake 
A problem to fix 
She tried suicide 
But it just didn't mix 
She's still alive 
And she's still depressed 
Becuase of a one night stand 
That was more than less  


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