ADHD and Me

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 17:02 -- vdleshs
I'm the penclicker that doesn't know he's doing it.
I'm the student that the teacher reminded to sit.
I'm the one with the shaking foot on the rack beneath your desk.
I'm the guy that can't have friends in his car because of the mess.
I'm the kind that prefers a stack of papers vers' his binder.
I'm the fool that will lose his phone today for sure.
--Imagination. Interruption. Distraction.
"Wh-..." *phone clutters to the ground*
"Bec-..." *SHIT! The fuck was that sound?!*
I'm the slob that wears every clean article of clothing twice.
I'm the peeve who could not find his work, even if she asked nice.
I'm the genius that lost his motivation to go strive.
I'm the friend that has work at three, but hangs till two-forty five.
I'm the scholar that does homework at 6 on the due date.
I'm the senior in denial about his unknown fate.
Now this is where I struggle in search of the sum.
Alike in many ways, but different in one.
I am alone in this empty world.
Now let this secret be unfurled.
The infected majority struggles to learn.
Who me? No way, for me it 's unheard.
You detect no struggle in my success.
But you're sadly mistaken, I must confess.
For this thirst to win is a wretched curse.
Trust me when I say, "it really hurts."
On the road of perfection, there is no paved exit.
Me, a car, carries a burden that wants me crash it.
Envision this distracting weight as your heart desires.
But know it's not fake, despite those who have conspired.
Striving to be God, caused this lack of notice.
But now, I require my diagnosis.
People claim that it makes it much easier.
That isn't the case! Try some more research.
My life's getting real, quit messing around.
Does my mouth really not make a sound?
It's slowly eating me, you must assess.
Go ahead and try it, bring on the tests.
I am fully aware of what's wrong with me.
You are you, and I am me. How can you see?
You hesitate to grant my vital desires.
All because of ol' Fort Shit's high flyers.
Look into my eyes and hear me sing.
It helps me none, it's just a clipped wing.
But in the end, you're doing your thing,
free to decide to not life my ring.
I warn you now, you will miss out.
I could do great things, without a doubt.
You have the slip, please write it out.
Grant it or not, I will not shout.


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