call it an affliction,

mental conflictions,

avoiding true connections.


There’s 12 Steps,


Wait! Don’t forget CoDA!


Drinking, drugging,

eating, vomiting,

gambling, spending, sexting,

‘enough to say,

“Hey, stop what cha’ do-ing!”


There’s intensive outpatient,

extensive in-patient,

clinical treatments,

and yoga spa relievements?


No matter what you decide,

find a sponsor, grow and be wise.

the key to all this, is intimacy

otherwise known as



You go deep, share your troubles,

call a friend, escape your bubble.

progress not perfection,

no room for insurrection.


Stay clean!

One day, two days,

three days to four,

count them up, before you know it,

you’ll have lot more.


Sobriety though,

not just a number,

otherwise stopping a behavior,

gonna feel like a bummer.


Life’s been hard,

I’ll give you that,

getting used, abused, accused,

you’re no longer amused,

or is that bemused?


You can turn to God,

or turn back to dope,

turn to your Higher Power,

to help you cope.


This journey is long and some may stray,

others could leave you,

but as my old therapist will say,

“Don’t worry…you’ll be okay.”



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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