Addiction: The Real Story

Once lived a a young women
She had stringy hair of gold that hung so delicately from her bony, pale white shoulders
She was a mystery, from top to bottom
On the outside, she was such a ray of sunshine, a smile always glued onto her soft pale lips
But on the inside, she was slowly dying
Nothing could ease her illness, the feeling of heartbreak, of utter sadness
Each time she tried to get better, she ended up slowly slipping away again
Such a pretty young girl she was, but she could never see that
She decided to ease her pain
So she picked up a habit, a dirty fix
Each day before school, she took a snort up each nose
They told her it would make her feel better, that she would be happy
And she was, for a little while
Her addiction got stronger
Once a day turned into multiple times
She spent all her money, lost her job
So she sold her body, just for the quick of a high
The addiction got worse, she dropped out of school, moved in with her drug dealer
He was abusive but she didn't care, no, she never did care, she just wanted the high
One day she did her final high, gathered up her drugs for one final high
Piled them up, snorted them up
Later that day sh was found passed out on the coach, her body limp
That night she died, all because she thought a quick high would ease her pain
But no, it never did, it never went away
Haunting her until her last breath 


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